Patrick Ybartina: an eclectic artist on the crest of the wave

paul-ybartinaPatrick Ybartina has been selected twice to participate in the London Art Biennale and other important Museum exhibitions all around the world and one of his artworks has also been used on the prestigious British Museum Magazine cover. Once again, Patrick Ybartina confirms himself an international artist with a prolific production.

Patrick Ybartina is a painter and muralist based in Canada, France, Spain and England. He was born in 1945 in the suburbs of Liverpool, England, and he turned to painting immediately after graduating from the Liverpool School of Art. In 1966 he immigrated to Vancouver in Canada, where he created the famous Heritage Series. The images of this Series are instantly recognizeable by most Canadians and have been a part of the British Columbia identity for decades. He is also the creator of some of the largest murals in North America and Europe.

Ybartina hypnotises the spectator with powerfully vibrant figures, characterized by energetic dark lines that surround bright shades of colour. The profiles of the fascinating faces reminds us of the later Cubist works, while the soft lines that overlap each other seem inspired by the floating geometries typical of Wassily Kandinsky. As in the masterpieces of the Russian painter, we perceive a kind of “Spiritual Element” in Ybartina's artworks. 


From the more abstract representations to the ones with incisive figures and settings, one always perceives life and energy, opening new doors and unexpected horizons in our mind.

Ybartina's paintings are found in public and private collections worldwide, such as the National Museum of Culture in Washington, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy and the Bill Reid’s Gallery Museum and Foundation in Canada. His work is discussed in several art publications, such as “Artists of British Columbia”; “Famous”; “Place Makers: Creating Public Art…”; “International Contemporary Masters Volume III” and “International Contemporary Masters IV, World Wide Art Books”. 

Furthermore, Ybartina's distinctive Chess Paintings have been selected by Kuvay Sanli, the Deputy President of the Turkish Chess Foundation and  featured in his book: “My Father Taught Me”. The introduction is written by the legendary World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.


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